Blackjack Gambling with Card Counting

Blackjack is fundamentally a card game of luck. Like other gambling card games, players who want to win really have to try and hope that the cards that are dealt are ones in their favor. Nonetheless, this is just one part of blackjack gambling.


There is another school of thought that believes that there are real strategies that can be developed that can significantly assist a blackjack player in his or her game. One of these strategies is known as blackjack card counting.

The Theory Behind Blackjack Card Counting

So what is blackjack card counting? Who likes to do blackjack card counting? Usually those players who have strong mathematical brains find blackjack card counting the most appealing and attractive as there is a lot of fast mathematical thinking behind the concept. The basic idea is that what you want to look out for is a deck of cards which has more high cards (tens and face cards) to low cards. And if there are more low cards in a deck of cards, this is a better scenario for the dealer. What happens in blackjack is that if there is indeed a deck of cards with more high cards, then the dealer is more likely to bust. After all, you have the ability to stand with a hand of 14 or 15 or 16, but the dealer has no free will and must hit on any hand lower than 17. When the deck is rich in high cards, you can play it safe, but the dealer must go ahead and bust. Read more about card counting and Stanford Wong, one of the card counting experts.

How Blackjack Card Counting Works

What card counters do in blackjack gambling therefore is place higher bets when there are more high cards to low cards in the deck of cards. They also strategize based on how many high cards there are to low cards. Engaging in such strategies gives them a mathematical advantage over the casino edge. Today, one can even buy blackjack card counting software; however, the real benefit of such software has yet to be proven. Players who do want to engage in blackjack card counting have to have some kind of basically good memory as they need to memorize which cards have gone (so that you know which of the cards are still in the shoe). Given that this is a lot to remember, there have been card counters who have invented simplifications known as the shoe calculator.

Ultimately there are different methods of blackjack card counting and if you feel that you have the mathematical brain to engage in something like this, it is worth reading around the subject to find the best application for you. Whatever method you use, remember that ultimately blackjack gambling is a lot of fun!

Sometimes, what you need in order to get your head right and in the process of counting cards, it helps to do an excersize that stimulates your brains operating system, such as solving a visual maze.

Maze of the Statue Of Liberty

Yanito Freminoshi maze of the statue of liberty Try counting some cards using various techniques, and then try to count cards after your mind has been calmed by the process of solving a maze (or any other standardized puzzle) . Also, try counting cards without playing, with a standard deck of cards, and then try it with an online blackjack game and see how your fare. Once you see a marked improvement, you are ready to get started.